COVID-19 update May 18th, 2020

To all parents and carers

We have reviewed the guidance set out by Central Government last week and the further guidance that has been made available to us over the last 5 days. We can confirm we will re-open Kinder Castle on Monday June 1st with the following guidelines in place.

We have decided to restrict the number of children coming back to Nursery on June 1st. We ask that any children or parents who have underlying health conditions, do not return to Nursery at this time.

In terms of numbers and children returning all we can do is adhere to Central Governments guidelines. With that in mind we will prioritise the children of parents who are key workers first and then those who cannot work from home. Please be patient with us, this is such a difficult decision for us so we will do the best we can to accommodate all of those who need Kinder Castle for their children.

Following is the number of children we will take into each room:

Elves Enchantment 3 children per day
Pixies Parlour 4 children per day
Knights Kingdom 4 children per day
Camelot 10 children per day
Merlin 10 children per day

We will review this on an on-going basis and we will try as much as we can to accommodate those of you that need us. We will endeavour to send to you, on a weekly basis, any morning or afternoon slots, that may be available on ad hoc basis once we know numbers and days required.

Fees will not be charged unless you return to nursery. If you return on your normal days then we will ask you to reinstate your direct debit. If you are reducing your days at present you will be charged at the days you attend and invoiced for these.

Please do not hesitate to call with myself of Lucy, if you would like to discuss this plan with us at any point.

Kind regards


Rachel Campbell                       Lucy Craig
07557 514534                            07808 709766